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Agriprofessionals: Agribusiness specialists

FTA Accountants has strong ties with the land – having initially started the business purely with a focus on servicing rural and regional families and clients. Starting out in Roma, we established strong ties with the Agribusiness sector from day one, and have since continued to build our network within this vital Australian sector.

As an organisation driven by the success of our clients, we aim to help our rural-based business clients including graziers, farmers and commercial business owners maximise their business in every area.

Until they dealt with FTA Accountants, a lot of our clients were forced to rely on expensive metropolitan accountants for their business needs. Challenging the norm, we have turned that metropolitan notion on its head, building the capacity and expertise of our team, and enabling FTA Accountants to rival any urban based competition in terms of service and product delivery, on a much more personable, affordable level.

With 6 offices throughout Queensland and 60+ staff, many of whom either still live in, or have lived in regional and rural areas (often with family ties to the land), FTA Accountants are the firm to turn to for anything Agribusiness related.

Why deal with the city mob when you can deal with the one QLD based accountancy which truly understand you and your needs, and can provide all your accounting, finance, superannuation and legal needs under one approachable umbrella.


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