Finance and Lending

The FTA Accountants Finance and Lending division provides a range of business and personal banking services such as loans, mortgages and a variety of financial products.

Existing clients benefit from a simple, easy process as in most cases we have already got everything on file to significantly reduce the preparation required from you in securing any form of finance or loan.

We can help you:

  • Secure personal loans and/or business loans and finance (see below for more information)
  • Secure property loans: investment, commercial and home loans
  • Consolidate debt and get out of debt
  • Review your existing loans, including home loans, investment property loans, personal loans, credit cards and give you free advice to get the most out of these loans

Our services include:

Equipment Finance (including vehicles)

FTA Accountants can assist you with a variety of finance options when you purchase equipment that will be utilised to enhance your business. When you choose to purchase a new or second hand asset to aid in operating your business, FTA Accountants will be there with you to assist with financing.

We are available to answer any questions for you concerning what can be financed, and to offer you many clear-cut financing options. We understand how overwhelming it may seem in terms of the many product types, terms and conditions, and all of the options available, which is why we offer no obligation free advice whenever you need it.

Residential or Investment Property

When you plan and make the decision to purchase a new home or property for investment purposes, FTA Accountant’s finance and lending specialists can guide you with expertise in the field of real estate transactions of any calibre. Our finance specialists will give you the knowledge you need when making this fundamental decision, for personal or business use. Home loans or investment loans, we can help.

Already got a mortgage? Are you getting the most for your money? Are you on the best interest rate?

We offer a free, no-obligation home loan and investment loan review, packed full of good advice to help you get a head faster. Contact us today for details.

Commercial Property

Securing the perfect commercial property loan is uncomplicated with FTA Accountants by your side. Whether you are seeking a first-time location for your business, expanding your organisation and considering a larger space, or in the market for a new environment to conduct your business, our specialists can help.

We have a strong relationship with many financial institutions that can give you plenty of options for financing and purchasing your dream space.

Development Finance
If you are looking for the ideal development opportunity for your business, such as construction of apartments, offices, retail space, or industry, our finance specialists can help you reach your goals. FTA Accountants will deliver sound advice and guidance to assist you in navigating through any type of development finance, including requirements needed for presale, facilitating the application process, and showing you options in terms of requirements for successful funding.
Refinance and or Equity Release

Often many businesses need to upgrade and improve their business model, and many individuals find the need to upgrade and improve their homes or seek to purchase investment properties as part of an overall wealth building strategy. If you need to access funds tied up in assets, or to refinance to take advantage of better rates, FTA Accountants can help. During our confidential initial discussion we will provide you with information and guidance in the areas of refinancing and equity release, be it in your home or your business.

Refinance and equity release options are used for a myriad of purposes including:

  • Access funds to buy equipment
  • Refinance to take advantage of lower interest rates
  • Use equity to purchase additional properties
  • Use equity to finance business expansion
  • Or simply access the capital in your home for renovations and extensions

Whatever your need, whatever your reason, FTA Accountants can guide you down the right path!