Name: Angie Lees
Role/Position: Senior Client Services Assistant
Office: Maroochydore


I’ve been lucky enough to work with FTA Accountants, Maroochydore since April 2007.

I enjoy my role as Client Services Assistant, and I find that the longer clients are with us and the more I get to know them, the easier it is for me to help them – which is the goal. My role is an interesting one, with a wide range of activities daily.

Straight out of high school, I was offered a traineeship at a firm of solicitors. I stayed there for six years, and I learned many skills that help me in my current role. I’ve always counted myself lucky to have been awarded a comprehensive traineeship because it really set me in good stead for the rest of my professional career. I worked for another accounting firm before coming to FTA, where I enjoy the mix of clients and love that we get to help local companies in all sorts of industries.

The difference here is making sure that the client is first. At FTA, that’s the way we treat people and my role is all about making sure the clients are happy and informed. I take great pride in making sure that we’re doing everything we can for companies and individuals – and I’m the person to come to if you have any questions or you’re not exactly sure what you need. I’m here to help!

The best thing about my job is the broad range of people I get to help. I’m a people person, and my clients tend to come with a variety of personal and business interests. My background means that I’m just as comfortable helping a startup founder as working with someone in agriculture, or even a creative industry. The main thing for me is that I can assist people with building their careers and their businesses. That’s where I get my enjoyment from, and working with FTA is lots of fun.

My home is in Palmwoods, and I’ve lived there since I was four-years-old. I was actually born way out west – in Charleville. I did most of my schooling and growing up locally, and we also lived in a couple of homes in Nambour, before settling back in Palmwoods. We got to build our own home – which has been great for my two beautiful kids because our house is so close to their school. Maybe one of the greatest lessons having kids has taught me is – don’t give advice about children until you’ve had children!

My favourite weekend activity has to be spending time at the beach! There’s nothing better when the weather is good. I also love having a coffee at the many cafes up and down the Coast. I’m very interested in travel too – in fact, some of my greatest memories have come from my travels!





Contact Information:

  (07) 5409 2312